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Computer Grade Power

Computer grade power is essential in voice and data networks



Often overlooked in voice and data networks is the requirement for electrical power with a clean ground reference, not just simple surge protection. Powercom has power-conditioners in sizes for every network requirement. Powercom also offers power

Reliable operation of microprocessor-based systems requires a high degree of stability of the AC power source. There are a lot of choices for power protection devices. The majority of the products available today ignore the critical issues altogether and instead talk in marketing terms. At Powercom we only recommend products that achieve true computer grade power performance. Computer Grade Power can be defined as AC power that has a stable ground reference with less than 0.5 volts of level change of the ground reference and less than 10 volts of noise on the AC waveform. The three categories of effective devices are:

Power Conditioners
• 50-60Hz Power conditioners
• 60HZ Power conditioners
• 3 Phase 50-60Hz Power conditioners



Computer grade power battery back up systems


Standby UPS with Conditioning
Online UPS with Conditioning

Starting 17 years ago we began distributing products from ONEAC and later added the TOSHIBA line of Uninterruptible Power Systems. Powercom was instrumental in having Toshiba add power conditioning to their online UPSs creating the PLUS series of UPSs with an additional isolation transformer. At Powercom we still see products on the market that do not address the issues of Computer Grade Power, and many actually decrease reliability. Major improvements in reliability and productivity can be achieved with any microprocessor-based device that is using properly conditioned power. The leading market areas that have benefited the most from utilizing computer grade power products are Telecommunications, Data Communications, Biomedical, Semiconductor Manufacturing and Point of Sale terminals. Remember that all the power required for critical applications must pass through a conditioning device and over time equipment has become more susceptible to poor quality AC power.

Powercom clients receive free technical support for their Internetworking hardware and computer grade power products.





MQ Power, a division of Multiquip Inc., is the premier supplier of portable generators to the construction, rental and entertainment industries.

From stationary standby power sources to mobile construction applications, MQ Power’s WhisperWatt portable generators will meet your most demanding requirements.

They’re ruggedly built and have every imaginable performance feature, control and operator convenience. All internal parts are shock mounted to a heavy steel frame for minimum vibration and extended service life. The standard weather resistant steel housing provides complete protection and is soundproofed, enabling operation at noise levels substantially lower than competitive designs. This makes WhisperWatt the perfect choice for standby power at hospitals, factories and schools. WhisperWatt units are powered by fuel-efficient diesel engines offering long service life and low maintenance requirements. Full instrumentation includes essential engine and generator monitoring functions. WhisperWatt models are available in various configurations with output power up to 800 KVA.

MQ Power Decibel Levels
Our soundproof housing allows substantially lower operating noise levels than competitive designs. WhisperWatts are at home on construction sites, in residential neighborhoods, and at hospitals — just about anywhere.

Voltage change made simple. Three – position rotary selector switch makes generator output voltage compatible with most every job. Switch is protected by a lockable panel. (Available on models from DCA-25 through DCA-150)

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